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The field of forensic investigation often requires a team of qualified experts. Local law enforcement agencies and individuals need a professionally licensed private investigator to offer an objective view of a crime scene, collect valuable evidence, and give expert testimony. In general, there are a variety of methods used by a Colorado licensed investigator in order to surmise a conclusion during a forensic investigation. The most important part of any investigation is communicating your needs to the investigator beforehand.

What Is A Typical Forensic Investigation?

Please be aware that all forensic investigations, when lead by a qualified Colorado licensed investigator, will be slightly different. That is because of the fact that no two cases are the same. By applying various scientific and technological applications, a good Colorado licensed investigator can get to the bottom of nearly any mystery.

One of the main areas of expertise for any serious private investigator is criminal investigations. A general criminal forensic investigation might include:

  • Collection of data and evidence
  • Surveillance
  • Conducting interviews with witnesses
  • Performing background checks on related parties and businesses
  • Reviewing collected evidence
  • Testing collected evidence using the latest technology
  • Testifying in a court of law

Many people, when thinking of forensic investigations, are instantly reminded of the popular programs which air regularly on TV. Forensic investigations, however, typically extend beyond the phantom crime scene you see on television. In fact, a qualified Colorado licensed investigator can also handle fraud and accounting cases as well.

What Do Forensic Accounting Services Include?

Those who are the unfortunate victims of fraud or financial crime are encouraged to hire a Colorado licensed investigator to handle the details. That is because of the complex nature of a forensic accounting investigation. Typically, a Colorado licensed investigator will perform the following duties when handling a forensic accounting, fraud, or liability case:

  • Search for hidden assets
  • Perform various background checks
  • Track down misappropriated funds
  • Calculate loss and damages
  • Reveal secret or hidden e-mails, documents, pictures, and digital files

Understanding the Difference Computer Forensics and Electronic Discovery

It is important to note that computer forensic investigations are not the same as electronic discovery investigations. Although they are similar, e-discovery is not always related to a criminal case. In contrast, a computer forensics investigation is one which is initiated as a result of an individual or law enforcement agency needing to solve a crime. The Colorado licensed investigator hired for this job will then have to collect evidence from various digital sources to produce evidence for the court.

Benefits of Hiring a Colorado licensed investigator

There may be a time when a Colorado licensed investigator is needed despite the fact that a crime has not been committed. On top of that, a qualified Colorado licensed investigator can provide you with quality work when other sources have ran dry. In other words, local law enforcement is often overwhelmed by the sheer volume of open cases, so hiring a Colorado licensed investigator of your own might expedite and simplify the process.

In addition to all that, a Colorado licensed investigator is a good person to have on your side when/if you are accused of a crime. A good private investigator will work diligently to find all the evidence so that your side of the story is heard and considered. All it takes is the shadow of a doubt and the case can be overturned. Think about that before you let the local police department handle the discovery on their own.

As a law enforcement agent, it is important for you to consider the promise you made to the citizens you protect. Ask yourself if some help would allow you to serve justice better. Often times, hiring a Colorado licensed investigator is the only way to get the solid evidence you need.

For more information on a forensics investigation, or to hire a Colorado licensed investigator immediately, call 720-457-3440. We provide you with a free initial consultation and price quote for our services.

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