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Worker’s compensation fraud is a serious matter, and is typically requires the help of a Colorado licensed investigator to get all the facts. Worker’s compensation fraud happens when an employer, claimant, or health care provider lies so that they can get money or another benefit out of that lie. A lot of people believe that worker’s compensation fraud involves employees lying about injuries sustained at work, but that is incorrect. Colorado licensed investigators handle worker’s compensation cases on behalf of either side.

Interesting Facts about Worker’s Compensation Fraud

Most people are aware of the existence of worker’s compensation fraud, but they do not know the extent of it. Here are some interesting facts about worker’s compensation fraud that you should know before hiring a Colorado licensed investigator to handle your case:

  • In a recent survey, more than a quarter of Americans thought it was okay to defraud insurance providers.
  • In the four years between 2005 and 2009, an estimated $25 billion was spent on disability payments that were based on fraudulent claims.
  • In 2009 alone, more than $4 million worth of fraudulent insurance claims were discovered.
  • Worker’s compensation fraud puts a $5 billion dent in the insurance industry every year.
  • As a result, the average American’s insurance premium increases by about $300 or more annually.
  • Most fraudulent worker’s compensation claims are uncovered by licensed private investigators.

A lot of people choose to hire a Colorado licensed investigator to handle their worker’s compensation fraud investigation because of three things:

  • Legality – a Colorado licensed investigator knows how to find pertinent evidence without breaking any laws.
  • Ethics – a Colorado licensed investigator can collect evidence without invading privacy.
  • Expert Testimony – a Colorado licensed investigator can provide expert testimony in a court of law.

A good Colorado licensed investigator can investigate employee fraud as well, including cases involving:

  • Injuries without witnesses
  • Reporting delays
  • Medical treatment delays
  • Off-the-clock injuries
  • Personal financial burdens as a result of the injury
  • Multiple claims filing
  • Termination concurrent with injury

A good Colorado licensed investigator can also investigate employer fraud, including cases involving:

  • Late payments of a disability claim
  • Denial of a valid claim
  • Workforce misclassification
  • Employee insurance purchase refusals
  • “Ghost Policy” issuance to employees posing as independent contractors
  • Harassment after submitting a claim

Benefits of Having a Worker’s Compensation Fraud Investigation

Not every worker’s compensation case gets the attention it deserves. By hiring a Colorado licensed investigator to handle your worker’s compensation fraud investigation you are giving your case the due diligence it requires. As soon as you suspect an employee, employer, or health insurance provider of worker’s compensation fraud, you should contact a Colorado licensed investigator and launch a thorough investigation.

A good Colorado licensed investigator will work hard to uncover all the most pertinent details of each case. Fraud is a serious matter indeed, but local law enforcement doesn’t always have the time or resources to investigate a case to the full extent. Colorado licensed investigators can get to the bottom of any fact-finding mission quickly, using a variety of investigative tools including but definitely not limited to the following:

  • Surveillance (video, photographic, audio, undercover, wiretapping, etc.)
  • Interviews
  • Research
  • Records searches (medical, military, obituary, employment, insurance, criminal, etc.)
  • Background checks
  • Evidence collecting
  • Mystery shopping
  • Asset searches
  • Skip trace
  • Judgment recovery

Do yourself a favor and allow a Colorado licensed investigator to handle your worker’s compensation case immediately. Time is of the essence, especially where statutes of limitations apply. For more information on having a worker’s compensation fraud investigation conducted on your behalf, or to hire a Colorado licensed investigator immediately, call 720-457-3440. We provide you with a free initial consultation and price quote for our services.

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